Of Outages and Otters

12,956 Days Alive

6 Holiday Cards Prepared

2 Hours of System Outage

1 More Sleep Till Friday

I got the cutest pack of holiday cards from Linna before they moved up north. It has a stocking on one set and an adorable dressed up otter on the other set. I quite liked filling out cards, even though they won’t likely be there in time for Christmas. Maybe New Year’s?

I got some reading done today, as well. Not much, but a bit of Sense and Sensibility. It’s one of my favorites. Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon is my peak desire in a partner. Tall, kind, and certain of their affections.

Anyway, I’m doing… not great. I’m drowning at work and I’m doing the best I can but it’s bot good enough. I had to skip out on the company bingo game because of our two hours of unplanned system outage this morning. Which sucks a lot because a) cash prizes and b) actual digital but still human interaction with my coworkers. Oh well. Maybe next time.

I ordered a few new pairs of glasses this evening. The heavy acrylic frames are starting to bug me, and I miss my Harry Potter glasses that I broke. So I bought myself a Christmachanukwanzukabirthdasolstinewyearmas gift of eyewear. Should be about a month for them to get here. Who knows, with the holidays.

I’ll be giving a few friends a lift to the airport this Sunday, so that’ll be fun. I like being able to help out.

I’ve bot crocheted this evening since I wanted to get the holiday cards started. But I wanted to. And I wanted to write. But somehow it’s already half past ten.

Anyway, I’m for bed. The brain gremlins are loud and reminding me of everything I haven’t done quite ferociously.

Take your meds, folks.

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