Of Cola and Cooking

12,995 Days Alive

2 Bowls of Spaghetti Eaten

Well, my headache has mostly abated. I remembered to take my caffeine pills this morning so that helped.

Work went well enough. I hit most of my goals for the day, so that’s good. I still am working on increasing my work speed, but it’s difficult with everything I have to do. They want me to fold mail as well as multitask on calls, but I literally can’t do both at the same time! So that’s frustrating. My team members are great, though. Nancy, Sylvester, and Miss Britt, the team lead, are all really helpful when I ask for help. I’m just working on asking when I need it.

I worked more on Little Bee’s Blanket tonight. It’s about eleven rows from done. Plus whatever border I put on it.

Other than that? I submitted the paperwork for my ADHD testing today. So I’ll get to find out how much that will cost me in a few days. Hopefully I can afford it. Because the cancellation fee is $350.00. Yes. $350 of you cancel the appointment within twenty four hours of it. It’s ludicrous.

Anyway, I’m headed to bed. I hope to be able to get up when my first alarm goes off tomorrow and get some coffee into me before I start my day.

Take your meds, folks.

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