Of Cartoons and Crafting

12,996 Days Alive

2 Burritos Eaten

1 Movie Watched

1/2 A Round Completed on Little Bee’s Blanket

I’m still working on Little Bee’s blanket. I’m still eleven rows + the border from done. I’m not sure the border I’m going to do yet, but it’ll be nice. And hopefully done in the next week or so.

Today was a bad day at work. I just couldn’t get my feet under me. Tomorrow will be better. I just know it. It has to be. So shall it be.

I’m terrified of losing my job. I’m literally dead if I lose this job. I can’t afford my meds without income. I would lose my car, my place to live. And poor Fen would have to find a roommate. It’s so stressful. Add to that I would literally rather die than be homeless again. I can’t take it. I really can’t. I refuse to be homeless again.

I just want to do well at my job. And for the secondary workload of scanning and mail to ease up. It’s so frustrating right now that I constantly feel like I’m behind. And in reality I’m behind in metrics. It’s so frustrating because I know I can do this job. I’m damn good at it.

Fen bought us dinner tonight. Some feel better tacos. I cried in my car again after I got home from work. We watched The Powerpuff Girl Movie tonight. I’d never seen it. It was cute.

I really hope tomorrow is better.

I’m going to try and get some sleep. Take your meds, folks.

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