Of Groceries and Going Forward

13,016 Days Alive

5 Jalapeño Poppers Eaten

2 Grocery Stores Visited

1 Slightly Exhausted Me

There are times where I feel if I stop moving, if I slow down, if I freeze up, I’ll keel over. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a form of mania? I’m honestly not sure. Whatever it is, it’s exhausting. Utterly taxing.

I fell asleep on lunch today. I had a feeling I was going to since I didn’t sleep well at all last night. But I got maybe ten minutes of rest out of an hour lunch. Ugh. I hope I sleep better tonight.

I worked a little on the Jeweled Knot Blanket this evening. Fen and I went grocery shopping after work and it really wiped me out so I didn’t finish the square I was working on.

Spock is slowly on the mend. He’s finally passing fecal matter again. A high fiber and wet food diet seems to have helped. I might keep him on wet food only for a bit. The working theory is that he may have megacolon and that’s why he’s having so much issue passing excrement. It’s stressful on the whole household right now, but I’m just hoping he gets better quickly.

I’m praying for Texas friends tonight. The weather there is scary and rolling blackouts are killing people in their homes. It’s terrifying. I’m hoping my friends the Darwin’s make it through unscathed.

I can barely keep my head up. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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