Of Dill and Dishes

13,030 Days Alive

3 Cucumber Dill Sandwiches Consumed

My poor team lead Miss Britt is down for the count with a sinus infection, the poor dear. I hope she feels better soon. Work went well today, though I wish I’d gotten more calls done.

When I got home, I had to anxiety clean. I don’t know why. But I did the dishes and prepped the peppers and made the cucumber sandwich spread with dill, cream cheese, sour cream, and seasonings. Super simple and delicious. And then ate three sandwiches worth. Heh.

I’m doing okay today. Still suicidal, still struggling, but otherwise okay.

I’ve got my appointment for meds with Peter tomorrow after work so I’ll talk to him about how I’ve been feeling. That I’m not looking forward to at all, but it’s necessary. Hopefully we’ll find a new combo of meds that works better.

I’m headed to bed. I’m tired.

Take your meds, folks.

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