Of Tears and Tacos

13,031 Days Alive

I had my meds doctor appointment today. I was honest about how much I’m struggling and how suicidal I am.

He upped my dosage of bupropion and gave me something to help me sleep. Hopefully, that will help. I cried after.

It feels like a personal failing to need so much chemical assistance but I know I wouldn’t begrudge anyone else the assistance I have. It’s hard.

I made homemade vegetarian tacos tonight. fen hung out in the kitchen with me once they got home from work and that helped me motivate a bit better to cook. I even used some of the sliced bell peppers I prepped from my trip to Sanwa.

Tomorrow is my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine; I’m up and at work by seven a.m. tomorrow.

I’m going to bed. I’ve had enough of today.

Take your meds, folks.

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