Of Chapters and Chili Powder

13,206 Days Alive

We had meatless taco meat and rice for dinner tonight. My sugar wasn’t too high after, so that’s good.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with while passively suicidal as of late is taking my blood sugar. I don’t like pricking my finger three damn times a day because it hurts and I bleed quite enough, thank you very much.

But I need to be better about it. So I took it tonight and I’ll take it again tomorrow. I’m going to try and get up early enough to have breakfast at home before I go to work. We’ll see how well that works out.

I’m really fighting with my anxiety right now. I know Fen moving is a year away. But I stress and worry and cry about it. I’m happy for them to take this next step in their own adventure, but gods do J wish for more stability. I feel… like I’m built on sand. I’ll need to talk with Mx Steph about it at my next therapy session. I also need to work on that genogram.

Anyway, I finished chapter three of Crows at the Crossroads this evening! Now it’s off to be proofread and hopefully it isn’t too terrible. I’m already working on chapter four.

Didn’t do any crocheting this evening. Spent three hours trying to do the dishes, eat dinner, and work on writing.

I’m tired and hurting, so I’m going to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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