Of Rows and Rumblings

13,411 Days Alive

4 Rows Crocheted on the Current WIP

1 Video Chat

It’s nearly the weekend and, gods, could I not be more grateful.

This week has been hellacious at work and it’s nearly brought me to tears a few times.

But I’ll get through tomorrow as best I can. And then it’s off to J and Bill6’s place for Ostara!

I’m so weary of soul. Hopefully spending time with good friends will help bolster my mood a bit.

I’ve been fighting against this current of exhaustion for weeks now. But all I can do is try to keep going.

I’m mentally a little less unstable than I was, but still not… good. I feel like a broken tooth, an exposed nerve.

I’m off to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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