Of Cheese and Coloring

13,459 Days Alive

6 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Made

1 Altered Plan

So. Today was an adventure in exhaustion. I didn’t nap on lunch, but totally nearly fell asleep at my desk.

I really need help with the chronic fatigue.

In also important news: the move has been shifted to a day earlier than it was due to flight prices and Mal wanting to see some of his/our family while he’s up there. Meaning the cousins of his and his two full-blood brothers by way of their dad’s twin brother’s offspring. I’m sure there will be other family there that actively dislikes me, but I don’t really care. I’d like to see Cousin Samantha. We used to be really close.

I have to pack for the weekend trip tomorrow night. Meds, toiletries, clothes, and kindle. Maybe some crocheting, too, but something very portable. Like the baby blanket I’m making my friend Megan. It’s the best blue. I might try to make a teddy bear as well. I dunno.

When I got home from work, M and Fen were at the house. M usually supplies dinner, as they’re a dear, for Date Night; but I wanted a low spoons dinner. And I volunteered to make fancy grilled cheese. That’s Kraft singles grilled cheese with garlic powder and spices on the outside and a Parmesan crust over the top side of the sandwich. Pretty darn delicious if you ask me.

I bought a coloring book on sale and spent a good half an hour or so just vegging out. Not being productive beyond relaxing. I tried to get work done, but my anxiety kicked up so had I was shaking and tripping over my words.

After dinner, we cleaned a bit. And we watched Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Discovery+. All in all, not the worst was to spend an evening.

I’ve got to go to bed. I’m falling asleep. May the Fourth Be With You!

And take your meds, folks.

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