Of Crafting and Coneys

13,497 Days Alive

2 Pierogies Eaten

Today was a nice, relaxing day that absolutely didn’t go to plan. Heh.

The original plan was to hit up Kaleisia’s Tea Lounge and write for a few hours with Cleo. That plan went tits up in a good way.

We ended up at JoAnne’s, in two different cities, where we picked up perfect fabrics for household linens, hand towels and the like, and did not purchase any additional yarn. Even though I could have. I didn’t. I will wait for the applause to subside…

Done? Good. Genuinely, though, I’m proud of myself for not getting more yarn. I have enough projects or planned projects that I don’t need any further yarn.

We went to Detroit’s Coney Island Restaurant in Dunedin for lunch. I love me a good Coney dog! They even had kielbasa and pierogies, too. Good food, pretty good prices, great server.

I have a plan for the last batch of super-duper clearance yarn I picked up with Cleo a few weeks ago. I’m thinking my dear friend’s mother needs a good throw in white, rose, and burgundy yarn that is quite soft to the touch. I’ll ask when next I see them… which, now that I think of it, is tomorrow.

Oy vey are the days flying. It’s less than five weeks til the move. I’m so… elated. Excited. Sad. Scared. A lot of complicated emotions are running through me right now.

I’m going to go try and find a three color pattern and start on that Rose-y Throw.

Take your meds, folks!

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