Of Dampness and Death (In a Video Game)

13,554 Days Alive

3.5 Pieces of Challah French Toast Eaten

2 Characters Who Died In Game

Bianco and I went out on a date today. Just a little visit to an awesome restaurant/cafe/bookstore/bar called the Kopi Cafe.

It heralds itself as a traveler’s cafe. Eclectic decor, a small but also slightly bizarre gift shop, and a damned fine espresso martini, or at least I liked the small sip I had.

I was naughty and got a root beer float to drink. It was so good. I love IBC Root Beer. Bianco got a latte and the breakfast burrito. Dear gods, it was the size of a loaf of bread. The challah French toast I got was similarly massive.

I ordered some make up for my sibling Sean Michael. He (she, they, it depends on the day) wants to experiment with looking pretty but can’t do it safely in his very unsafe neighborhood. Even at somewhere around six foot, it’s best he gets a chance to explore in a safe environment. So I’ve gotten him what I consider to be the basics, outside of foundation because I’m crap at skin tone matching unless I’m mixing paint (thanks, Jæ!). What I picked up was: eye liner in black and in white, a neutral and a fun color palette, mascara, an eyelash curler, and some decent long-wearing lippies.

I hope I can help them explore this part of their lives in a supportive and helpful way. Maybe take ‘em downtown to a proper makeup store around Yule to get his foundation matched?

Anyway, after brunch, Bianco and I headed back to the apartment. We played a computer video game on Steam called Wildermyth. My characters ended up a little… well, dead by the end of the campaign. But my last character’s death killed the Big Bad with 17 points of damage.

And then it was five o’clock. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. I crashed for a nap after a little time in child’s pose, trying to open up my hips. Spock tried to help…in his own, paw to the face kind of way.

I’m about twelve hours, I have an interview at the red craft retail store. I really hope I can score a part time gig with them just to have some income coming in.

I’m going to to head to bed. Sleepy kitty jackass is already asleep half on my leg.

Take your meds, folks.

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