Of Lackluster and Laziness

13,553 Days Alive

11 Rows Crocheted on the Buffalo Plaid Blanket

1 Day Without Napping

I forgot to take out the trash today. I meant to, but I’m having a high pain day.

Didn’t get to sleep until after two a.m. but was up bright and early for the grocery delivery.

The meal plan for this week isn’t set in stone. It’s more a vague hand motion and the “I don’t know” noise. But finishing the last of the leftovers, baked veggies and chicken, red sauce with five cheese ravioli, and chili cheese hot dogs are on the menu. Possible pizza night as well.

Tomorrow, Bianco and I stepping out, masked up, on a date to the Kopi Cafe! I know I’m getting a root beer float to drink, and probably the Challah French Toast. I’m not entirely sure, but their menu looks good from what I saw online.

Spock has been very chill the last few days. I think he’s finally settling in. I think I am as well.

I still haven’t unpacked everything. And I absolutely need to do laundry again. Ugh. Means a trip to the laundromat on the corner. At least I have an awesome project to work on: the Buffalo Plaid Blanket.

I’m also missing a few things. Like maybe they didn’t make it into the car? Most of what didn’t make it is fine, replaceable; but my Christmas bin is missing and I’m rather devastated about it. All the ornaments my Daddy gave me-gone.

Maybe it will turn up. Maybe I’m overlooking it or just mentally foggy from all this damned job hunting.

Which reminds me, I have a part-time retail gig interview on Monday. Think happy thoughts because I need gainful wages.

I’m going to go cuddle a bit with Bianco and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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