Of Spell Books and Spockers

13,669 Days Alive

2 Chocolates Eaten

Well, I read a witchy book from cover to cover today after work. Took me less than an hour. I don’t known if that speaks to my reading speed ability or if it was just a short book. In all honesty, it seemed more a collection of spells than an actual book-book.

It was Lisa Chamberlain’s Wicca: Witches’ Spell Book. It does say that it is a grimoire. But again, seemed more a collective of multi-authored, quick-fire spells than a tome of reference. But it was indeed a quick read that fired up a few ideas for new edible spells. I liked the herbed sugar idea especially.

I’m having to consider other employment part time somewhere to be able to make ends meet. I’m no longer guaranteed full time hours now that it’s the “slow season” at the costume shop.

I know retail, rentals, inventory, and merchandise pricing at both locations. The only thing I don’t know is shipping and I may ask to learn that so I can do it, too.

I was right, by the by. It was an interesting day. We had all of maybe five customers, two rental inquiries, and a half dozen or so phone calls.

Most of my day? Spent in a feather hell as I tore down the feather boa wall and rebuilt the display from scratch with everything organized. I tried not to be too neurotic.

Many thanks to Reffie and my other friend that have made it possible for me to get my meds this week, and a bit of groceries, rather than having to go off my antidepressants/anti-psychotics due to lack of funds. I love you.

I spent some time crocheting on Mellon’s Mystery Machine Mosaic Blanket. I’m on the third repeat of an eight row repeat and it is looking cool. I’m looking forward to adding the orange stripes to it so it looks more Mystery Machine-like.

Anyway, Spock is head butting me, demanding snuggles. He’s always a bit clingier when I’m getting run over by my menstrual cycle. And I caved and had exactly two sweets from my Quality Street box of candies that I got at the Irish store across the road on Saturday when Mellon was still here. I also have a Turkish Delight left and I love it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Quality Street, it’s a Nestle product I love, love, love. The orange creams and toffee fingers are my favorite of the bunch.

I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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