Of Cookies and Costly Rubber

$400+ Spent on New Tires

1 Gingersnap Cookie Eaten

I got all weather tires today. It cost a pretty penny. But I’ll be safe driving for my interview Monday and throughout the winter.

I got a little anxious today and ended up washing most of the dishes here at Mellon’s place. I’m nervous about Monday. Interviews make me self-conscious.

In other news, Mellon and I had Chinese food for dinner. It was delicious. There was amazing salt and pepper chicken that was perfect with a bit of Sriracha. Decent egg rolls and dumplings, and some pretty icky Mongolian Pork. It was… chewy.

We had cookies from a place called Crumbl, a gourmet cookies to-go place. I had a gingersnap and Mellon had a waffle cookie. It was so good. The waffle cookie was an under-sweetened buttery flavored sugar cookie with a cake-like texture with a crosshatch pattern on top like it’s namesake. It was served with a not-too-sweet butter flavored buttercream and maple syrup. I’d try a different one next time, because I like pushing my personal boundaries. We also got a turtle shortbread for tomorrow. It should be pretty good.

I’m going to go cuddle Mellon.

Take your meds, folks.

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