Of Pain and Pretzels

13,734 Days Alive

844 Words Written for Fiction February

1 Important Birthday

I worked eight hours today. Didn’t get to take most of my breaks. But I made it through the day, so at least that’s something.

My feet hurt, though. I need to get a tennis ball to do some stretches after work. I’ve got good shoes and okay socks. Gotta slowly build up a decent collection of good socks.

I’m really craving citrus. Like lemonade or orange juice or something. Maybe it’s because of my earache? My body wants vitamin C or something? I have to talk to HR tomorrow about finding a copy of my insurance cards because I haven’t received them in the mail as of yet.

I’m so tired. I slept last night, fairly decently. But today was a long day and I’ve not really eaten much. I had some chicken tenders for lunch, and a few pretzels. But at least I’m hydrated.

Today is a dear one’s birthday: my darling friend Reffie. I hope the coming year is one of joy, positive changes, and globe-trotting adventures for you, love!

I’ve been working on J’s Monochromatic Blanket since I got home. Got a few rows knocked out between then and now. The second part of the pattern, the inverse of the first part, is starting to form! It’s so exciting.

I’m going to head to bed. One more day of getting up at five a.m. before I get to have the day off! I like my job, but ooof can it be exhausting.

Take your meds, folks.

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