Of Crack Shots and Cackling

13,763 Days Alive

I joined one of Mellon’s Pathfinder campaigns tonight. Took about two hours to get my character made. But she’s a crack shot Druid with ridiculous bonuses. Her name is Haruhi Hitlock. And I love her.

It’s fun getting to play two wildly different characters between two campaigns. I still prefer Deadlands, because I know it better, but I’m slowly learning Pathfinder.

Didn’t get the car today, but hopefully by Monday afternoon we’ll have it. It’s a handsome car, even if it isn’t anything like the one I wanted that sold. Sad day. But, in the end, a car is a car and I desperately need one.

It is very late, so I am going to make my mental sacrifice to the Duolingo owl and crawl into bed with Mellon.

Take your meds, folks.

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