Of Tortellini and Time

13,773 Days Alive

20 Stuffed Mushrooms Made

I had the day off today. Slept in a bit, tried to knit. I’m still terrible at it. But patience and dedication will prevail! Or I’ll cave and try a crocheted pattern instead.

I did two loads of laundry today. One for just me, one for both Mellon and myself. I need to put all the clothes away, but getting it all upstairs is the hardest part. I’ll try tomorrow after work.

Tomorrow I am working six am till two pm. I’m hoping that it’s a steady but not overwhelming day.

I ate too much at dinner today, but I couldn’t resist a second helping of the stuffed mushrooms I made.

I might go read a bit before bed. I’m tired despite a nap today. But the new anti-anxiety med is working properly. Or at least I think it is. My follow up doctor’s appointment is on the 28th, so in two weeks.

I’m off to read. Take your meds, folks.

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