Of Alarms and Adamant

13,772 Days Alive

2 New Skeins of Lovely Cotton Yarn

1/2 Hour Overslept

Well, I was almost late for work today. Almost being the main word there. I worked at eight and completed forgot to set a wake-up alarm for myself.

Thankfully, Mellon’s alarm went off at half past seven and I was able to scramble and get to work on time.

Work was fine, if a bit slow again; but that’s par for the course on Monday. I was so tired first thing in the morning. I have to remember to eat dinner or at least a cheese stick before I go to bed. We just forgot or forwent dinner because of no spoons.

I had the spoons after work to clean the stove top, counter top, to unload and reload the dishwasher, and hand wash dishes. Thank you, calories and caffeine.

That ADHD apron hack really works. I have an apron now that means It’s Time to Clean when I put it on. It works! Like, when I have an apron on, I’m able to start tasks a little easier. I want a better apron, though. Kind of like this one? But no particular color preference or anything. The green might be good if I ever start gardening here at Mellon’s house.

I prepped some cards to go out in tomorrow’s mail. One for my niblings in Florida, one for J and Charles, and one thanking the amazing people at Seoul Garden, the Korean BBQ place we went to last Friday. I know it’s weird, in this digital age, to send thank you letters. Especially to a restaurant, I suppose; but they really made us feel special and welcome.

I am adamantly opposed to some of the political bullshit going on in the US. Tennessee is OFF the list of places I am willing to live. Making marriages the whims of the public officials is absolutely bullshit.

I’m off tomorrow. The plan is to do laundry, clean up the bedroom, and knit or crochet. Maybe get some writing done if I have the spoons for it.

All right, it’s time to appease the Duolingo owl and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks!!

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