Of Celebration and Cleaning

13,784 Days Alive

1,285 Days Straight on Duolingo

4 Bags of Trash Cleaned Out of the Bedroom

1 Cookie Eaten

So, the main problem with having two people with ADHD living together is the graveyard of empty pop cans or half-finished bottles of water overs every available flat surface.

I cleaned up the bedroom today. I’m hoping that after work tomorrow I have the spoons to do laundry and to put laundry away. And maybe do some dishes.

Mellon took me to breakfast this morning. I had eggs and does my stomach hurt now, but only a little and it’s more like gas pain? But they were so good. I don’t know why I can sometimes have eggs and be fine and sometimes it tears me up?

Also, I got to talk with my brother Aaron while he was gardening. I told him a little about my project that I’m working on now: a non-fiction book on witchcraft.

I picked up seventeen books from the library today, research books on magick and Wicca/witchcraft, a pair of novels, some folklore books I haven’t read, and a few crochet books.

I’m going to read a bit before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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