Of Reading and Rest

13,785 Days Alive

2 Hour Nap

1 Hour Spent Reading

Today was not a good day at work. And I have heartburn this evening for some reason. I didn’t get home until late today, because of work reasons.

I’m so frustrated with one of my team members. He keeps not doing as he should and it’s frustrating as he was trained on how to close so he could become our weekend closer. But I just checked our system, and harp on me later about working after hours, and he didn’t close out any of the orders he was supposed to. And I just had a discussion with him about it both at the beginning of his shift and when I left, late, for the day. Beyond vexing.

I did laundry today at least. And read a bit. Still feeling suicidal, but that’s just how brain gremlins be sometimes. I’ve eaten. Hydrated. Taken a nap. Tried to read and crochet. I’m having real difficulties engaging with life right now.

In better news, my gardening tools arrived today. I haven’t been able to summon a damn to open them. But I will.

I’m yawning again. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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