Of Depression and Dinner

13,841 Days Alive

241 Words Written Today

4 Sandwiches Made

So, it’s been a few days since I’ve done a proper blog post. I’ve been fantastically depressed and not feeling up to pouring myself onto the digital page.

I get really bad dysmorphia around my cycle and I am currently getting run over by it. I really want to get a hysterectomy, but I have to lose weight first.

I actually made dinner this evening. Just sandwiches, but at least I didn’t sleep all day. I did end up taking a nap, but I’m just anemic and exhausted from yesterday.

Laundry got done, dishes didn’t. But I did get writing done!

I need to make more of an effort to cook at home. We can’t live off fast food. I’ve made a meal plan for the week, so that’s something. Red beans and rice for dinner tomorrow. And then Taco Tuesday will be the sweet potato burrito bowls.

We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I’m going to go read for a bit before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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