Weekend Wind-Down

I had goals for 2018. I don’t think I’ve been that great at meeting them.

I had set myself only ten goals to try and meet over the year.

Me working on one of the projects to lift the moratorium

Goals for 2018:

1. Get under 250 pounds

2. Re-read every book on my shelves and see if it can be donated

3. Complete a damn story

4. Write at least ten thousand words a month

5. Finish all crochet/knitting projects before lifting the yarn-buying moratorium

6. Get new eyeglasses

7. Read at least one Kindle or library book a week

8. Start revamping wardrobe to the look I want

9. Spin yarn

10. Go on at least one outlandish adventure with my Darling Wife.

So far, I’ve only managed a few of them, here in October.

My face is as fluffy as the rest of me.

My weight, the first and major goal, is something I have struggled with since I was a child. Right now it is, due to medications and the housing situation, dismally hovering around the 300 pound mark. I absolutely hate it and get so angry every time I step on the scale. It’s an incessant battle with my self loathing every time those numbers flash over 300, over 250, over 200 like they have for the last 20 years. I’m trying so hard to lose weight. It sucks though. Five of my medications are known to cause weight gain. I hate it. It makes me want to stop eating entirely. I already have a complex relationship with food and this continued issue doesn’t help.

I sort of accomplished my second goal, in that I went through most of my personal library donated a good third of it. With the Kindle, now I can just do ebooks and take them everywhere. I’ve purchased a few of my research books digitally so I can take them out of my daily bag. For which my shoulder is eternally grateful. I have another few hundred books I want to purchase and/or just read. With the 4,252 books (files? Are they books or files? What’s your opinion?) to date, at only a book a week, I would be reading just what I have until after I turned 114. Thankfully, I read about three to five books a week, at my current pace. But that still leaves me finishing everything when I am about sixty-six years old. I think I’ll start keeping track of how many books I’ve read starting after the witchy New Year on 31st October.

Total years to read a book a week.

My third goal I did meet, actually. I finished a Fantastic Beasts fanfic I posted on AO3 a while back. I haven’t finished the six chapter follow up as of yet. I have another two that I haven’t yet really worked on, and some original fiction I am still plotting out.

Four: writing ten thousand words a month. I’m not actually sure if I have done this or not. I write a lot and it’s not like I keep track of all the analog words I’ve written. NaNoWriMo will help bring up my word count for the year.

Well, as for the fifth goal, the yarn buying moratorium has not been lifted yet, should that be any indication of how well the project finishing has been going.

I don’t have new eye glasses as of yet, but I’m debating getting contacts once our optometrist comes back from maternity leave in January. And if not, there is Zenni Optical when I have the funds.

Accidentally, I have met my seventh goal. I have my library card synced to my Kindle and Amazon so I can check out almost thirty books at a time. They can be checked out for up to three weeks at a time, which comes in handy.

And with many thanks to My Darling Wife, J, and Seamripper, I have been able to start revamping my wardrobe. Between thrift stores, the fall wardrobes going clearance, and luck, I’ve been able to buy a love of not-t shirts and make myself feel a little more professional at work. And while it doesn’t help on bad brain days, it does help when I’m having dysphoric days.

I tried my ninth goal, spinning yarn, using a drop spindle. It just ended up hurting me, honestly. Too fat, too sensitive to touch, and too short of arms. Maybe a wheel will be better? I’ll try again some time, probably.

Not my photo but pretty

And my tenth goal of an outlandish adventure, my Darling Wife and I did recently visit a water park. And we’ve done the road trip for my hatch day.

We’re also currently running a collection of one shot RPG Deadlands campaigns that J and BillSix have been working on. Thus far, I’ve been an illiterate rail worker nicknamed X with a sledgehammer of doom and a genderqueer explosives-addled mad scientist who should never be allowed to name things named Lennox Finley. X is so far my favorite character to play. He was a tank and hella powerful even against demon tree possessed zombies and cannibal assholes high in the mountains.

Every good player needs munchies

I mean, on reflection, I haven’t done too poorly? Statistically, six out of ten isn’t entirely bad. It is more than half, so I do suppose that with two months left to the Roman year.

I’m still not feeling positive, but I’m not able to get back to the psych doctor yet. I will. Just not this week.

There is possible good news on the horizon, but not just yet. More towards the end of the month for that to come to fruition. And! It’s my Darling Wife’s birth month! So there will be adventures there at the end of the month.

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