Sleepy, Sleepy Sunday

Days alive: 12,161

Projects worked on: 4 and counting

Naps taken: 1

Shopping trips completed: 1

Things left to do: so many.

Cliches laughed at: 2

Today has been pretty productive. I’ve been up since 6am or so. Just couldn’t go back to sleep. I keep having dreams that my alarm is going off. It it’s at one or two am, when it isn’t actually going off. It wakes me anyway.

I was awake-awake. With some extra daylight hours to burn, I decided to be productive while My Darling Wife caught up on some sleep. We got back rather late from our RPG group last night. J, Bill6, and Seamripper were all turning into pumpkins by the time we wrapped up. So, Stephanie totally needed the sleep.

So I crocheted. With help. Because even with meds I was stuck on eleven with my anxiety.

Cliche number one: I’m a practicing witch with a black cat. But his name is Spock, because he was a frail little kitten and I wanted him to live long and prosper.

Said Bombay bed-hog loves helping me crochet.

“I can help, Mama!”

Like, a lot.

“I’m helping Mama!”

A lot, a lot.

Spock the selfie loving cat.

And that is what face he makes when you say “kitty, selfie?” It’s magical. Hehe.

Since I was up, I worked on a belated wedding gift to a friend and listened to some music. By 1030, my Darling Wife was still in sleep-land, and I was feeling low on spoons. Since we had no real demands on our time, I grabbed myself a good little nap. And felt much better for doing so. I have to remember to take my vitamin supplements tonight. I’m bruised like a peach being used as a kickball.

I also plotted a bit on the original fiction I’m writing. And did a little research for it as well. I bought some more free ebooks (I have a problem, I know. I’m up to 4,253 books) from BookBub.

Whoops. 4,255 coz there were another few free books.

Anyway! I’ll be changing my hair color in a bit. I’m still anxious, though doing the grocery run by myself didn’t actually make it worse for once.

Cliche number two: there is cat hair on everything I own. Everything. And in one blog post, there are NINE photos of my cats. Yup. Crazy cat mom.

For now, I’m off to love on the cats, stretch out until my back stops hurting, and maybe get some writing done. If Peanut the little Vamp-purr doesn’t stop being an adorable distraction.

Peanut the cat, our grumpy faced little vamp-purr

So cute.

Peanut’s little overbite makes me giggle

Even when he has perpetual judgement face.

His little teeth. I CAN’T. ❤️

And the belly is not a lie!

And then there is the perpetual space invader, Ariadne.

Tiny little slinky cat. May actually be part ferret.

She’s painfully adorable, isn’t she?

Such a pretty girl.

But seriously, neither Bombay boy nor Ari know the meaning of personal space.

Space invaders, Cat Edition.

But it’s okay. I love them anyway.

I still have to vacuum, because of course there is cat hair everywhere with three cats in one shared space. But it’s nearly six, so we shall see what the rest of the day brings.

Also! The crochet ripple pattern blanket I’m using is from the fabulous Attic24, whose blog completely inspired me to do mine with photos of my day to day life.

One last picture: me, pre-color and cut.

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