Heave Ho and a Handfasting

12,251 Days Alive

104 Moves

3 Trips to the New Apartment

2 Pissed Off Cats

1 Newly Wedded Couple!

Today has been exhausting. We moved just about everything with the help of my brother Bob, my friend Kelly, and her beau Mi. Literally, today would have been wretched without them.

Move number 104 is nearly over.

Literally us twice today. Thank gods this is a first floor apartment.

But our day was not over for my Darling Wife and I even when we cleared almost all our belongings from Nan’s house.

Oh no.

We had a wedding/handfasting to attend!

The venue was lovely, if out in the middle of absolutely nowheresville Manatee County.

Our adopted son TJ looked handsome as ever in his finery. And we were able to make his day a little better with an iced coffee. His bride, Michelle, was radiant as the sun. Just stunning. And we got to see a few friends as well!

All in all, a productive day.

The boys, Peanut and Spock, are still settling into the new place. It will likely take a few days for things to calm down.

And we still have so much to do tomorrow. Ah, well. These things are as they are!

I’m for bed. Take your meds, pals.

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