12,221 Days Alive

7,171 Books to Read

3 Episodes of Queer Eye

1 Helping of Bread Pudding from the Pub

I spent the day being productive as hell. The days started with a panic attack at five am. It happens, unfortunately.

But then I went to the eye doctor. Prescription hasn’t changed over the year! And I was able to get contacts. And get them into my eyes without screaming in frustration.

So. Then I hung out with Dearest Rehffy! We grabbed lunch at O’Toole’s, which was awesome. And the wandered around Michael’s. I got a puzzle for myself, but avoided yarn!

We burnt a few hours at Rehffy’s house and my damn laptop bit the dust. Frickin’ Mercury Retrograde or whatever. Rehffy is amazing and now I have something for a stopgap measure. And her cat is the cutest gorram thing when watching CatTV.

I’m still working on Baby Bubble/Potato’s Blanket.

I’m going to go try and cuddle my wife.

Take your meds, folks.

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