Voting and Yawning

12,681 Days Alive

Today was a simple, yet simply exhausting day.

I went to work today.

I voted today.

I came home and isolated today.

The COVID-19 is getting worse. The US is so unprepared and is ham-handed in it’s hard fling of it so far. I had a scare today where I was worried someone close to me had contracted it, but it was a false alarm. I’m selfishly glad, as I know people online who have lost family and friends to COVID-19 already. It’s insane!

It’s so frustrating.

I can’t tell you why I’m so exhausted my very bones ache.

I want to go out and have nachos and flan with Reffie. I want to stay in and get writing done. I want to Do Things. But I can’t seem to focus on them at all, beyond a passing functionality on crocheting.

I’m so frustrated and tired.

I’m going to bed, though I’ve not high hopes for sleep tonight. Maybe I’ll read for a bit first.

Oh, and happy feast of St Gertrude!

Take your meds, folks.

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