12,793 Days Alive

2 Movies Watched

1 Cupcake Eaten

I’m for bed here shortly, so this will be brief.

I am still struggling with brain Gremlins today.

Charlie got let go and it makes me wonder if I’m going to be able to keep pace with what I need to do. I’m good at my job but there is always room for improvement… and self-doubt.

My mind isn’t a happy place right now so I watched some classic feel-better movies: Howl’s Moving Castle followed by Matilda. I liked the movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, so I looked up the book series and now I’m reading that.

I worked on Cousin Kay’s blanket while movie watching, too.

But I’m just exhausted. And it is only Tuesday.

I’m crawling into bed, y’all. Take your meds, folks.

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