Heat and Help

12,810 Days Alive

2 Cheese Sticks Eaten

1 Load of Laundry Done

They finally fixed the dryer! Woo hoo! I guess I’m a little spoiled by the in-units, but it’s a necessity with the fact that I only wear a literal half of my wardrobe.

I should probably weed through my closet again on Lugh, get ready for the hottest months and the like. August in Florida can be deadly hot-literally. Thankfully, though, the air conditioning at work should be working by Monday afternoon. Jimmy, the on site property management guy checks on me because I’m one of the only people left on our floor. He checked in today and let me know what was going on with the system and it’s repair.

I got some help from Brit at work today, but still couldn’t finish all my calls between e-mails, scanning, morning training, afternoon training, and everything else I had to do. It was only sixteen calls left, but I feel badly about it.

Other than work, I did my Esperanto lesson while at lunch today. I really need to go grocery shopping at some point. Lunch shouldn’t just be a shake. And I need more veggies in my diet, too. One cannot love of cheese and Atkins shakes alone. Well, and diet Mountain Dew. Heh.

Mentally, I’m a little wrung out. And I’ve had a few people on my mind the last few days, so I reached out! I felt really awkward at first, because I have a hard time reaching out; but I wanted to see how they were. I had some interesting conversations this evening, and have plans to see old friends, from high school type old, in a few weeks. That’ll be cool.

I have therapy on Tuesday and I’m going to have to take mine mints before hand because the very thought of going again has me mildly nauseous with anxiety. I like Vickie, I do. But we’re supposed to talk about coping mechanisms and such on Tuesday. I’m uncomfortable with how much a crutch alcohol was when I was in my late teens. From vodka to tequila; if it was hard liquor and not gin, it was my friend. Rum and I had a love affair that would put Jack Sparrow into a stupor. But I got sober and no longer drink myself to sleep. I still have a drink, but I don’t break The Rules.

  1. No more than three drinks
  2. No drinking if it’s a “school night” and I have work tomorrow.
  3. Nothing I know I’m allergic to.
  4. Water after the second drink.
  5. No drinking within an hour of taking my meds.

Those are The Rules of Drinking for me, in no particular order. It’s worked pretty well for the last fourteen years since I decided to stop over-drinking.

Anyway. I’m worried for Bubbles. Little Bee still hasn’t hatched. Bubbles is due to be induced this weekend, so I’ll be Tia Theo for an nth time over! Is it terrible I can’t remember how many nieces and nephews I actually have? I know Ophelia has two sons… and Mal and Bubbles are a one and three-quarters… and Lauren has the two girls, after the loss of young Fintan last year. So… math skills being rusty but finger working, that means I have three and three-quarters nieces and two nephews. Jeeze. Big family! Ha!

Anyway, it’s bedtime for this biscuit. I’m getting together with Reffie tomorrow for a writing and paper day. My social bubble may only be three whole people, but I’m glad I have J, Bill6, and Reffie. There are others I’ve seen, like Meg and DW for my birthday, but that’s more like a secondary circle of people I don’t get to see often.

Take your meds, folks!

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