Of Weariness and Words

12,864 Days Alive

3 Pages of Outline Done

How is it only Wednesday?? I feel like this week is taking forever.

I was exhausted to the point of vomiting today. So. That’s fun. I’m glad I have a doctor appointment on Friday. I need some to help me sleep.

On the plus side, it’s almost pay day! Which means I might be able to Do Something this weekend.

Well, I know I’ll Do Something, as I have plans to see Reffie again on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll get to the Anti-Diogenes Club’s writing sprint from 2-4 or whenever it is. I can never recall. But writing will be done! And fun shall be had!

Work is excellent. I get to start training on a new thing tomorrow which I am super excited about.

Mentally, I’m a slow-motion train wreck just trying to make it through.

It’s late. I’m going to bed. I’ve already appeased the Duolingo owl for the evening.

Take your meds, folks.

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