Of Laughter and Labyrinth

12,865 Days Alive

90 Minutes of Sleep

1 Doctor’s Appointment Tomorrow

Fen and I had pizza for dinner tonight. As I’ll likely have to go back on a more struck Atkins diet if I want to lose weight, it’s kind of a farewell to most carbohydrates.

We were a little punchy tonight watching Ghost Adventures and nearly crying with laughter over something silly I had mistakenly said. After dinner, it was crocheting with a lapful of cat and watching Labyrinth. Such a good movie.

Image is of a black cat snuggled atop a blue and white crocheted blanket.

I am absolutely looking forward to the weekend. It’s the Jewish New Year on Saturday. I do t get to spend the day with family, but I do get to see Reffie on Sunday.

Hopefully I’ll get more writing done this weekend. Gotta prep for NaNoWriMo 2020 after all.

Anyway, I have to be up early and didn’t sleep for shit last night so I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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