Of Crochet and Cackling

12,866 Days Alive

This week is finally over. Somehow, the month is flying by but the year is dragging.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I hope to catch up on some of my sleep deficiency and go groceriesgrocery shopping.

I’m almost done with Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket! Only six more rows to go!

About the cackling: we watched the 1966 Batman movie this evening. It was hilarious! Fen bought us PF Chang’s for dinner and that was delicious.

It’s nearly midnight. I should go to bed. I’m burnt the hell out after work this week and the stress of my doctor appointment that I went to. My blood pressure was a little high and I’m back in the 260s weight-wise. I can’t help but be disappointed by that.

It will get better. Maybe Fen will go shopping with me tomorrow. For now, though, bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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