Of Medicine and Meowing

12,871 Days Alive

100 MG of Hydroxyzine Taken

1 Upped Medication

I had my psych doctor appointment today. My depression is still really bad and I’m maxed out on Lexapro, so we’re going up my Wellbutrin and see if that helps.

Spock interrupted the hell out of my telehealth appointment today. Meowing endlessly. It was funny, but also a little frustrating. I need help.

I know I need help.

I’ve been suicidal for about a week now. More than usual. Which is why I made sure to make the appointment with Peter. I know I need help when I feel like this and I pay him to help me. Even if I feel like I don’t deserve help.

It’s exhausting being me right now. So I’m going to bed. But know that I’ll be okay. I am going to see a friend Friday night and I’m greatly looking forward to that.

So maybe the upped dosage will help.

Take your meds, folks.

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