Of Color and a Cat

12,872 Days Alive

2 New Hair colors Tried

So, I tried to dye my hair emerald and azure today. The emerald dye didn’t take at all. Like, at all, at all.

Spock seems to know that I’ll be gone for a day because he keep yowling whenever I leave the room. It’s like he’s looking for me wherever I go.

It sweet. But a little loud. He’ll be fine. Fen said they’d feed him for me while I’m gone, which is super nice of them.

I had a good day at work today. I haven’t gotten the new medication as of yet, but I’m hoping to start it by Sunday. The pharmacy hasn’t filled it yet.

I’m going to head to bed now. I’m tired and the sleep med I take is finally kicking in a bit.

Take your meds, folks.

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