Of Games and Giggling

12,873 Days Alive

This will be a short entry. We’re mid-game of Dinosaurs Island and I’d rather play than blog.

I drove up to J and Bill6’s place for the evening after work. We had Publix subs for dinner and I caved and bought more of the keto mint chocolate fat bombs.

We started off the gaming with Pandemic: Contagion which I won for once! Only by one point, but a victory nonetheless. Now we’re playing Dinosaur Island and listening to the Riff Traks of Jurassic Park.

Image is of a complex board game spread out over a table. There is a glass of Diet Mountain Dew in the picture as well.

I also did my hair with Fen’s help last night. We colored it but the emerald didn’t take at all. The radiant orchid and azure did, but it’s very cotton candy looking.

Image is of a woman in a black shirt with white collar details making a silly smile at the camera. She has blue hair with pink bangs and one side shaved, also pink.

Anyway. I’m off to play. Take your meds, folks.

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