Of Mars and Michael’s

12,874 Days Alive

1 New Dress Bought

J, Bill6, and I are in the tail end of a game of Terraforming Mars. I’m in the lead at the moment, but I’m likely to lose anyway because Bill6 has a lot of microbes.

J and I changed the wreathes at their house from the summer wreath to Autumn. It ended up meaning a run to Michael’s. The closest one is in The Villages.

Before we hit the craft store, we ended up at Ross’ Dress for Less. I found a great work blouse in a lovely eggplant and a fantastic mustard yellow maxi dress.

Bill6 made some absolutely amazing red sauce with sweet sausage and ground beef for spaghetti bolognese. He even added a splash of red wine to the sauce. So good.

We are currently listening to the Riff Traks of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians while we play Terraforming Mars.

This was the board game earlier this evening:

Image is of a board game with many 3D printed components.

As for who won… well, I lost. Dead last again. But it was within six points or so. J got 78, Bill6 got 75, and I got 72. So it wasn’t much of a loss.

Mentally, I’m trying to be okay. I love visiting with them but I’m still struggling with my depression. My new dosage hasn’t been filled by the pharmacy so I haven’t been able to up my dosage to help.

It’s frustrating but hopefully it will come through tomorrow morning.

Anyway, we’re going to go play another game.

Take your meds, folks.

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