Of Reading and Recovery

14,066 Days Alive

8 Books Read in the Last Week

3rd Day of Migraine Hell

I accidentally posted a recipe too early. So it’s been deleted for now. Now, onto the meat of today’s post: recovering from another damn migraine.

I’m barely functional. I’m likely to go to bed as soon as I appease the Duolingo owl. I could barely get though the work day without vomiting. I fell asleep at my desk again on lunch. Nearly overslept, too. I’m struggling so hard to get good rest.

This weekend I was supposed to go down to Orlando and spend time with Mal and Bubbs. But the thought of driving two and a half hours with the sun stabbing my eyeballs and such is somewhere between “hell no” and “no bloody way”.

I’m going to go read until the light fades and then go to bed. Bonan nokto, amikoj.

And take your meds, folks.

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