Of Life Preservers and Lift

13,319 Days Alive

834 Days Straight on Duolingo

1 Holiday Wreath Hanging at Mal’s and Bubbles’ New House

Man, today was one of those days where anything that could go wrong, did. And a few other things that I didn’t know could go wrong did, too.

I just barely pulled myself out of bed on time. I have barely enough gas to get to from the apartment to the doctor’s office and then to work. I get paid in two days, but man could I use an extra few bucks right now.

Work was fun. I mean that both genuinely and with great sarcasm. Duality of (wo)man and all that. I got a lot done but not enough. Never enough. I have half a day until my boss dips out for her holiday vacation until the third of January, 2022. So maybe I will actually have time to get everything caught up between now and then.

In good news, I got a surprise present from Linna in the post today! It was a pair of lovely earrings I plan to wear tomorrow. I’m a wee bit nervous about the doctor’s visit. I hope I have enough money to cover the cost of it. I wish I was more fiscally stable.

Great things are coming in 2022. Changes and challenges and all that jazz. Hopefully I’ll be able to just power through the tough stuff and keep going through the nice stuff as well.

I’m looking forward to my little Christmas stay-cation. Even if I’m “staying” elsewhere, it’s a home away from home. But I’m totally bringing my laptop and Kindle. Just in case we want to game or something.

A little over eight days and I’ll be home free for the holidays! Woo hoo!

Mentally… I’m a fucking train wreck. I’m worried about my besties. They’re both going through some challenges right now and I don’t know how best to support them.

Add to that my own worries about my health and you get the stress train going chugging along in my brain.

Anyway, I’m going to go work on a scarf that I should have had done already. But haven’t. Because I’m a paragon of time management like that. =_=

Take your meds, folks.

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