Of Disappointment and Determination

13,556 Days Alive

1 Job Offer Letter

I got an offer letter from the retail gig today! I accepted it almost immediately.

But I tried to have a celebratory, responsible root beer float (read: zero sugar soda and Halo Top ice cream) but was foiled by the ice cream being out of stock.

No matter, I will buy heavy cream and just float that or something!

Seriously though, today was a special level of hell for me. I have a new psychiatric provider, one who can prescribe my meds for me, but I had to hash out a lot of trauma and my issues for her to get my meds refilled.

So. Brain no workie. Is mush. I’ve been crocheting most of the day because I was just wrung out after that appointment.

So, I’ve taken all of my meds and am heading to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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