Of Wednesdays and Wows

33,659 Words Written on Crows at the Crossroads Thus Far

13,578 Days Alive

5,478 Words Written in the last 48 Hours

4.75 Hours Worked

Read that first number for me. Be proud of/for me.

Even if it’s mania-induced, I’m writing again. I’m also laying with my feet up the wall to help with the slight “ow”.

There’s no swelling. My feet are just sore. Nothing a good foot rub wouldn’t fix. I’ve got really good shoes AND insoles to make sure I take care of my feet. I should get some good compression socks for long days, though.

I’m tired.

I’ll go appease the Duolingo owl and head for bed.

Gotta work tomorrow and Friday, too.

Take your meds, folks.

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