Of Indecision and Ice Cream

13,577 Days Alive

6,418 Words Written So Far Today

1,429 Days Straight on PostmarkWonderland!

I want a freezie pop. One of the blue or red or something artificially colored that tastes delicious and is chilling on a hot day.

I may be slipping into a manic episode. Per the above, I’ve been rather loquacious today, after work.

Almost six and a half thousand words written since I got home at eleven a.m.

I had to stop at the local CVS to shell out $128.00 for one month of my pregabalin. $130. Used to cost me $17 on insurance.

I need a better job. And maybe to keep the Michael’s one on the weekend? I dunno.

I’m going to go write some more. I can’t go to bed until at least nine thirty so I have another 90 minutes of writing time.

Take your meds, folks.

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