Of Exchange and Earliness

13,576 Days Alive

2,106 Words Written Today

10 New Comments on My Story

I updated my Harry Potter fanfic, Crows at the Crossroads, last night and have almost a dozen new comments on my story.

It really lights a fire under my ass to keep posting.

I have work at five a.m. tomorrow. So in little more than eight hours. My sleep calculator says to be asleep by 9:45, so I’m going to try going to sleep in about twenty minutes.

Even with meds, it’s hard to sleep most days.

I’m working Tuesday through Friday this week. I’ll have to absolutely do laundry on Saturday because of my shifts, I won’t have much time to do them between shifts, which sucks. I need another work shirt or an apron.

Or, ya know a new job with actual health insurance/benefits. Maybe I’ll find one this week? I have to keep up hope. Even though I feel disheartened.

Anyway, I’m going to write.

Take your meds, folks.

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