Of Purling and Pasta

13,581 Days Alive

10 Rows Knitted

1 New Restaurant Tried

My new friend, E., introduced me to this restaurant like a ten minute walk from my apartment.

It’s called The Pasta Bowl. The first dish I ordered had a red cream sauce. Had that been specified on the menu, I would have ordered something else.

The second dish I tried, potato gnocchi in a house made white cream sauce, was fantastic.

E’s pretty cool. Not as good a connection as with Cleo, back in Florida, or as with Annika that I met up with for coffee last Saturday. They were so sweet and bought my drink for me when we met up.

I kinda miss Cleo. And J. And Chelé and Reffie… And a few other Florida peeps. Not many beyond that though.

I miss my family, too, but am trying to build connections here so I’m not so… homesick is the wrong word, as coming back to Chicago felt like coming home. I’m heartsick for loved ones. That’s more accurate.

I spent most of my down time today fighting with knitting needles as I started her 524 row goddamned knitted shawl. I’m only ten rows in and it doesn’t look bad? But I am not as good a knitter as I am a crocheter.

I guess I’m becoming bi-textile since I’m working on my knitting and expanding my crocheting habits.

I’m tired and I need to get up early to do laundry in the morning. So I’ll finish listening to this Coldplay song (In My Place) and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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