Of Trains and Travels

13,621 Days Alive

18 Days Till NaNoWriMo Starts

Mellon invited me to his family’s Thanksgiving dinner thing in Indiana.

Bianco is going to watch Mr. Spock overnight so I can go. I’m excited, but a little nervous. We’ve only been talking for about nine weeks and only dating for the last week or so. But, I really like him and he seems keen on having me over.

It’ll be a simple overnight trip. But it’ll be the first Thanksgiving I don’t go to the Papas. Maybe I can see them that weekend or something.

My anxiety is stuck at a solid eight on a ten scale. I had to ask my Papas for help because I was down to seven dollars. Seven. Dollars. I couldn’t even get a load of bread and my meal shakes for that much.

I’m off tomorrow, so I am going to try and get up early and get my laundry done so I can chill the rest of the day.

Emphasis on chill, though, as it will be in the thirties tomorrow morning. But it’s fine. I have the amazing parka like coat Chelé got me! I’ll be toasty warm.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight.

Take your meds, folks.

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