Of Folding and Faffing About

13,622 Days Alive

5 Rows Crocheted on Mellon’s Mosaic Blanket

1 Load of Laundry Lugged To and From the Laundromat

0 Pieces of Clothes Actually Put Away

So. I didn’t sleep well last night at all. Just a bad brain night, followed by pain because I didn’t sleep well.

Either that or delayed circadian rhythm decided to randomly pop up even though I’ve been avoiding most of my usual sources of caffeine and/or sugar.

I’ve been trying to behave a bit better, eat a little more regularly. Not doing too stellar at it, but I am trying. I’ve had an unopened package of Dots candies tempting me for days, but I haven’t had any.

I hauled half of my dirty clothes to the laundromat today to wash them. I didn’t have the spoons to fold and put them away just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I spent most of the day watching Murder She Wrote and crocheting rows on Mellon’s Mosaic blanket. I got almost six rows done today. That is especially impressive because it is a Queen-sized blanket being worked horizontally. The pattern is going to look so cool. I need to pick up some orange yarn for his blanket for another contrast color. But I’m waiting for that until after bills are paid. But it will basically be a Mystery Machine looking blanket. Heh.

Things are super stressful right now, money-wise, but I’m hoping that there’s a Halloween bonus at the end of the month as I have been told there is.

I found myself wondering how Cleo is doing, but later in the evening after they already had their notifications silenced for the evening. I’ll have to reach out tomorrow to see how they’re doing.

I am hoping the latest wave of feeling like a useless drain of resources on society passes quickly. I feel like I’m not contributing anything. Not doing any volunteer work or helping others. I often feel the need to be useful for others to want me to be around.

I know that isn’t the case. I don’t have to be useful. People can just exist, but I feel like I don’t get the same courtesy.

Anyway, I’m going to chat with Mellon for a few and go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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