Of Star Trek and Sadness

13,672 Days Alive

1178 Days Straight on Duolingo

4 Years Since Daddy’s Passing

1 Cold Day

I met up with one of my siblings today to pass along my old Kindle to my mother. It went relatively well, though my sibling was over half an hour late.

It happens, but tardiness in myself and others drives me up a wall. I strive to always be early. I’ve been late to my current job exactly twice and I hated it both times. I prefer to be early.

Anyway, I was a bit of a sad sack today. So I took myself out of the house to get a bit of fresh air, get my meds, and meet up with my sibling. I didn’t get any work done at the coffee shop we ended up at, but I did get some editing and writing done this evening with Mellon.

I even read some of my original fiction novel, Midnight Calls to them! I don’t have as good a reading voice as Reffie or some voice actors, but they like my voice and enjoyed the story.

I’m going to sit down and do a complete overhaul of Midnight Calls this month. And more writing in January. I really want to be published by next year.

I’m still mourning the lost of my Daddy four years ago. I still find myself wanting to call or text him. Just to tell him what all is going on. It’s very hard this time of year.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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