Of Work and Workmanship

13,707 Days Alive

8 Hours Worked

2nd Desk Built Alone

1 Cuddly Kitty Boy

Work went well. It was my last day of training at the other store. Monday I go to my home store and continue my training, I guess? Or just jump into the fire with both feet.

I built the second desk this evening. Conked my head pretty good and well doing it, too. Slight headache, and kind of felt like Roger Rabbit when it happened.

I video chatted with J for an hour or so while I was building the desk. They’re doing well. I’ve been worried for them as of late, but I think they are coming out of a dark spot.

Spock has been extra snuggly tonight. I think he knows I’m hurting. I spent most of the day in a yogurt cooler pulling near to and expired items. So my hands are screaming. I took a shower, a nice hot shower, when I got home because I was tired of being cold.

I need to get some thermal shirts for work and winter wear. All black for work, maybe some cami type ones for around the house.

I have to go check laundry and then I am going to read for a bit before I crawl into bed. I’ve been up for eighteen hours come midnight. I don’t like five am wake up calls, but getting off at two or three is kind of awesome.

Take your meds, folks.

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