Of Chicken Sausage and Computer Games

13,715 Days Alive

3 New Crochet Hooks Pending

2 Onions Finely Diced

1 New Recipe Tried

Mellon and I cooked dinner together tonight. We made a chicken sausage and tomato soup from Hello Fresh’s meal service recipe.

It was pretty good!

I’d change a few things about it if I made it again. More punch of chicken flavor with stock or bone broth rather than water. More veg. And absolutely some more pepper/spice/capsaicin type heat to it. But it was good for a strange to me recipe.

Mellon got me into this game called Genshin Impact. It’s a very pretty game made by some company out in Singapore. I’m going to play more tomorrow, I think. I should be able to play with Mellon after I finish the first area tutorial thingie. It’s a multiple character fighting game with gorgeous graphics and a thus far interesting story line.

I wanted to play M:TG today, but couldn’t get my brain to focus on it. So I just ended up taking primary spot cooking dinner.

I’ve been up since five a.m. today. That’s… going on seventeen hours. Ugh. No wonder I’m so tired. I managed not to take a nap after work today, at least. Split shift sleeping seems to agree with me, as does getting up at five a.m.? Despite me decidedly not being a morning person? I am confusion. But it’s whatever. I can get through a workday without wanting a nap; I get my steps in, and I try to keep my team motivated.

In crafting news, the skulls throw that I used as todays image, a whopping 19 skein pattern, is going to be a gift for my friend, and J’s partner, Charles. It’s going to be the hardest blanket I’ve made as of yet. And then, with eight more skeins of yarn the same black and white yarns, I’m going to make J a blanket of alternating patterned granny squares!

But wait, there’s more! I’m gonna make their darling Russian blue kitty cat, Renfield, a cat sized couch.

Oh! Speaking of cats and their owners: I spoke with Grandma Gator today. She is doing well. She’s glad I’m settling in okay and that I’m happy. And she’s loving all the photos of Spock I keep sending her. My pretty boy is getting a little grey in the whiskers.

Mentally, I’m actually okay, I guess? I might DNF, which stands for “did not finish”, the book Hooked. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Like, five chapters in, I should have some sort of interest in the characters by now, right? I can barely slog through ten pages a day because it’s just… slow.

I haven’t really read much more of The Unquiet Dead either, these last few days. Maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow, since I’m off work.

I need to wash my work uniforms tomorrow. I finally got a sweater to wear at work so I’m not incessantly cold. It’s great. I really need to be able to buy some black thermal undershirts and more jeans. I can’t keep wearing the same two pairs of pants without earring out the chub rub spots too quickly. I think I have another pair of black dress pants floating around here somewhere, but I’m not sure where, exactly. Probably in a bag of laundry from the move.

Well, mister snuggle face kitty boy is begging for cuddles and I am fried. I’m taking my meds, appeasing the Duolingo owl, and going the fuck to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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