Sleep Deprived Saturday

Days Alive: 12,195

Hours Worked: 5.5

Steps For the Day: 2,083

Sushi Rolls Eaten: 4

Words Written: 0

Crochet Projects Worked On: 1

First weekend shift today. Lot of nightmares last night, so I was exhausted. Like, had to slap my face to stay awake on the drive home exhausted.

I made it through my work day with Sera. She was feeling better today and I’m glad because weekends are literally exhausting. 7:30 is way too early. But! We did get gifted a small breakfast from a coworker I’ll refer to as Boyajian. She’s amazing, and super clever. But that seems fairly consistent across the board.

I was open with Miriam this week about my mental health struggles and why I have my semi colon tattoos. She was super sweet about it and we had a very nice discussion about our mutual struggles. So, I may volunteer for the suicide awareness walk. I’m not sure yet. But I may.

After work, the drive home was… troubled. I ended up crying in the car when I passed a man who had been struck in traffic and his head was being clutched in a Samaritan’s hands. His blood was dashed across the pavement. It was terrible. I called to make sure help was coming. No, I did not, would not take photos of that.

Anyway. After that, I got treated to lunch by my Darling Wife. We went to Kelp Sushi. It was delicious!

I love their gyoza (dumplings) so much. I got a veggie explosion roll, the spicy chicken roll, a basic California roll, and their tempura Panko bagel roll. Their happy hour prices are amazing.

Steph is seriously the best.

I crashed pretty hard after lunch, ended up sleeping for a good two hours. Thankfully, I’m still tired enough sleep shouldn’t be an issue tonight.

Spock was being ridiculously photogenic this afternoon.

Such a handsome boy. ❤️

I have most of my holiday gifts for people picked out. Just a matter of affording them now. The most expensive is likely going to be the tickets to go see Anastasia in May with DW. He and I are both ridiculous fans of it. But it will be worth it. I’ve found Steph and J’s gifts, too. Still some more shopping to to though. I have time before Yule. And they can always be late. Lol.

I worked a bit more on the white blanket today. Still haven’t finished the Rainbow Pride Wrap. Hopefully this week.

Maybe tomorrow will bring some nachos and hot chocolate into my life. I need some nachos and hot chocolate.

However, right now, I just need sleep.

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