Free Food and it’s Finally Friday, Folks!

Days Alive: 12,194

Coworkers Out, Sick or On Vacation: 5

Breadsticks Eaten: 4

Hugs Gotten From Steph: so many!

Free Cupcakes Eaten: just 1!

Steps for the Day: 3,451

Both of my coworkers at the new adventure called in sick today, so it was just Miriam and I for most of the day! And I did fine!

It was also the Thanksgiving event today. And with much gratitude for Miriam’s charity, I got to partake!

I’ve gotta admit, I did heavily enjoy the pumpkin pie the most. The turkey wasn’t too bad; and of course I loved the mashed potatoes. I haven’t had Boston Market in a long, long while. It was interesting to try it again.

After a long week that isn’t quite over since I have another shift tomorrow, Steph was able to swing by and give me a hug! That was fantastic.

And, she provided the best Friday meal: pizza and hot wings! Yours truly provided the poison of choice: diet root beer.

With another two episodes of British Bake Off and dinner devoured, I am definitely feeling the food coma coming on.

We get to have lunch with Oz tomorrow when I get off work. We’re taking him to Kelp Sushi. I’m looking forward to it.

Having an okay mental day. I should have health insurance again shortly, so I can make a new appointment with Dr. Breiter and such, maybe for during the days I have off over holiday break?

Haven’t touched NaNoWriMo yet this week. Let’s see how the holiday week goes.

Hormones are making my head want to explode. And I have to be up at six am. I’m out for now, friends.

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