Toads Tonight

Days Alive:12,193

Hop toads: 1

Number of Photos Said Hop Toad Posed for When Asked: 3

Endometrial Polyp Being an Jerk: 1

Cats Whining at 11 Volume: 1 (Spock)

Paper Angels Made: 30

Days Since I’ve Touched my NaNovel: uh… four? Five?

Chicken Nuggets Eaten: 10

Words I’m Planning to Write this Weekend: 15k

Anyone who gets squicked out or triggered by talk of toads, menstruation, homelessness, or super bad insomnia, get thee hence.

You have been warned.

Well! My uterus is in full “WHY WE NO MAKE BABY?!” tantrum right now. So my anemia is SUPER bad. My dependency on b vitamins, iron pills, caffeine, anti-acids, and a heating pad is pathetic but understandable to any of you fellow uterus havers that go through the regularly scheduled bodily bitchfit.

Consider yourself lucky I skipped the blood rushing from an elevator gif. Or Carrie getting doused in blood.

I want tacos and a cuddle and a goddamned bag of spinach. Or pizza. But I get pizza tomorrow, so that’s something.

New adventure is still amazing! I adore my coworkers. Both Sera and Belle helped me cut out thirty charity cards today. In the shape of angels. It’s not as simple as I’m making it sound. I still have a damned divot on the middle finger of my right hand from all the cutting I did today.


More progress has been made on the Pride Wrap:

And dear, sweet Sera gifted me something amazing today:

Ain’t it the way to a body’s heart on Shark Week?

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

So! Toad photos from yesterday! A little belated context for you lovely readers. (Or at least one of you. Hi Ophelia!Her blog can be found here!!!)

I got out of my car after pulling in the driveway and got a hop toad to the leg. So I asked him for a picture and he posed for three.

I’m gonna go cuddle my wife. ❤️

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